Manpower Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a practice where a company hires or enters into an agreement with an external organization or service provider to perform certain operations or functions. India has always been appreciated for its skilled manpower. It has become a popular choice for meeting the manpower outsourcing requirements of several companies across the world. With the vast pool of numerous recruitment agencies providing the ultimate outsourcing solutions, India has emerged as a popular center for several big names. The outsourcing companies in India provide various services like manpower outsourcing, contract staffing, temporary staffing, payroll outsourcing etc. This practice is widely accepted because it results in the price reduction of overall project/process.

Who Is Going For Outsourcing And Why?

Large Corporate Houses, Public Sector Companies and Government Organizations go for Manpower Outsourcing when they need manpower for a specific assignment and do not want to hire new staff for brief-term jobs. The major advantages of manpower staffing and outsourcing are:

  • Reduction in the employment expenses.
  • Minimization of long term liabilities.
  • Retaining the head count.
  • Meeting the requirements of seasonal increase in the business.

Permanent Staffing

  • Executive Search (High Circle).
  • Executive Placement through Databank.
  • Bulk Recruitment Projects.

Executive Search (High Circle):-Executive Search consulting is appropriate for:

  1. Hiring Top-Level Executives.
  2. When the challenge is to hire not just any qualified person but most qualified and most appropriate person.

Executive Placement through Databank:-You can opt for this service in case your requirement.

Primarily addresses recruitment of Senior and Middle level recruitments and the process will involve a suitable short listing is done through competency based interviewing and relevant behavioural questionnaires.

Bulk Recruitment Projects:-

The Service is well suited for start-ups,new project manning,plant expansion,scale up of team sizes and geographical expansion of teams; the Services include bulk recruitment within the projected timeframe,especially junior/middle level.

Our All India network enables quick processing of responses and manages the entire process effectively.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing Solutions:-

Short and long term temporary staffing draws on the power of our extensive talent network and our decades of experience in the business to develop customized solutions for each client. We take the time to learn about your organization and its talent needs, and then we act as partners in sourcing qualified candidates.

Recruitment Solutions

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